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B&W 800 Series Diamond Speakers: The 800 Series Diamond gives you the best possible sound quality in every application, from professional recording to domestic hi-fi and home theatre.
Sonos Sub: Deep bass, zero vibration, one-button setup and position anywhere! New wireless subwoofer works with most Sonos systems – fill out your sound in a whole new way!
Sumiko Debut Carbon: The Debut Carbon sets a new standard in terms of cost versus performance by evolving the Debut to a higher level of build precision, sound quality and aesthetics.

Harmony is proud to be a dealer for the following manufacturers:

Anthony Gallo Acoustics - speakers

Audioquest - interconnects & speaker cables

B&W - speakers & subwoofers

Boulder - pre-amps & power amps

Bryston - amplifiers, CD players, integrated amplifiers

Denon - receivers, tape decks, CD players, DVD players, turntables & mini-systems

Grado - headphones & cartridges

LAST - record care products

Lexicon - surround processors & power amps

Niles A/V Products

Monster Cable - interconnects, speaker cables & AC filters

Richard Gray's Power Company - power conditioners

Rotel - pre-amps, power amps, integrated amps, CD players & receivers

Salamander Designs - Modern, fully customizable and functional storage systems for today's home theater components. We now have a larger assortment of cabinets to view in a variety of finishes.

Sonos - multi-room music system

Sumiko - turntables & cartridges

Terk - accessories, TV antenae, FM antenae

Totem Acoustic - speakers

Yamaha - receivers, tape decks, CD players, DVD players & mini-systems

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